For less than a dollar you can swing over to the Viper Comics website and pick up a copy of one of my books, BATTLE SMASH vs. The Saucermen from Venus.

The SAUCER-MEN FROM VENUS are laying waste to London (it’s like since they built that giant Millennium Ferris-wheel-type thing, the place has just been a magnet for trouble).  But all is not lost, the world’s greatest team of Lucha-based, non-super-powered, implausibly muscled and ALWAYS masked heroes are on the job.


It’s time for the human’s to fight back and Johnny Alien is about to have a whole world of smack-down rain-down on his head.  But everything is not as it seems, and soon the team must face a homegrown villain by the name of EVIL DOCTOR BRAIN (no, seriously, that’s his name — I know, right?  What WERE his parents thinking?) .

Check it out.