And so we skip to the end of the interview (trust me, you didn’t miss much…. it got very rambling in the middle, I think at one point there was speaking in tongues, I nodded off between question six and answer eight…. in fact, the highlight of the entire thing was the streaker…. (allegedly)).

But this last one is an important one.

Obviously this question and answer was Granito’d and taken from a real interview between Martin Bashir and Princess Di.  I know you might be thinking this is pretty extreme source to (allegedly) Granito, but this actually DOES work for a couple of reasons.  First, I could totally see the (alleged) (con (allegedly)) artist having a secret dream to be the queen of our hearts…. despite that “bad boy” persona…. me thinks he doth protest too much.  Second, this actually illustrates another of his favorite little tricksy-tricks, as our (alleged) friend here, enjoys nothing more than basking in the light of professionals he’s (allegedly) worked with…. specifically the ones who have passed away…. y’ know, removing any opportunity to directly contradict him.  Possibly an all-time low.

Of course, with conspiracy theories swirling around of the death of the real queen of people’s hearts, perhaps he just got too close and those shadowy figures who lurk in the background of all such conspiracies are the ones responsible for bringing him down.

It’s possible.

Though I think he just wants to be a princess.


Next week, BOOO!

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