Once again, Marion reveals a complete lack of ability when it comes to social niceties.

And I’m thinking that broom is not that effective when it comes to dealing with the Goat Infestation either.

You guys might recall that a couple of weeks ago I announce I had a short story in the awesome speculative fiction magazine, BULL SPEC.  If you don’t know it (and you should, because I am sure you all bought a copy knowing I had a story in there) it’s a great magazine, total indie deal and team behind it work extremely hard to put out a great magazine.  Anyways, they are prepping for their third year and using Kickstart to help get that in place.  If you like sci-fi, fantasy and the whole speculative fiction world, you should check it out.  They have a digital PDF as well as a print version, and if you help them lock in the Kickstart deal, you’ll be looking at (at least!) a year’s worth of awesome short stories, interviews and art coming to you (but check out the deal, because there’s a lot more you could get your hands on).  Additionally, since I know lots of readers also dabble in this area as well, helping to ensure this magazine keeps on doing what they do, means you have another option when submitting your work for publication.

But mostly do it because they put out a quality magazine and it deserves to stay around.

Votey thing (we’re close to third place).

Check out the merch.

And remember, spray for Office Goats at least once a year.