OK, as I suggested, things I’ve been working on that were kinda distracting, but super-double-secret, are coming together.

The first of those is a project I’m working on with the amazing Howard Mackie.

You may know him from his work on Spider-man, Ghost Rider, Gambit…. pretty much everything worth playing with over at Marvel Comics.

I know, seriously!

Me…. and a dude like that!

It just goes to show you, if you have the right incriminating photos, you can accomplish great things!

Go have a look at our new project, The Monster Kid. ┬áIt’s different to pretty much anything I’ve done before…. and we have four pages up to start us rolling.

And on top of that, head over the Bully’s Bully, where Howard and I have done a guest story there too.

Told ya I’ve been busy.