Send a photo of yourself, standing under/beside/over/around the street sign of your local Cemetery Street. You can send them direct to me here via this form that my awesome and delightfully talented webmaster has set up.

Closing date is November 1st. The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a collection of signed books written by me. And a SECOND PRIZE BUNDLE will go to the most creative, humorous or just aptly weird Cemetery Street photo to be submitted as well.

Please include information on the location, such as city, state, province and/or country in the provided field.

(Small Print: Obviously if you post on the Facebook Page that picture is out there. If you submit via this thing that the wonderful, dreamy and just plain special (not in a helmet-wearing, short-bus kinda way…. not that there is anything wrong with that) webmaster, the intent is there to have me post that photo for everyone to see…. alongside some comment like, “WOW! Check out my awesome reader here who did this fantastic photo of herself on Cemetery Street in her home town.” or “Hokey Smokes! This photo is both imaginative and hilarious and submitted by a reader who is both amazing and a king amongst men.” In short, you can’t say after, “Hey, I didn’t know you were gonna post my photo and let everyone know who I am, as it now puts into question my personal safety as a Federally Relocated Witness to a Mob Crime!” Y’ know…. or some other reason to get upset and sue me for posting the photo you sent in. By sending in a photo, you agree to let us use/post it – I promise not to do anything other than just show the world what cool readers I have. The Second Special Prize Category will be judged by me. All decisions on this are final. It should be pretty clear that my sense of humor is possibly of a niche leaning…. so if you ultimately think, “HEY! MY photo was WAY funnier than the one he picked!” remember who did the picking. One last thing…. photos of a questionable nature might not be posted in public – you’ll thank me when you sober up.)

(EXTRA Small Print: Should you have a Cemetery Street in your town and it’s…. well…. in the…. how should I put this….? it’s in the Crack House area, don’t go and put yourself in danger to win the prize. Y’ know…. or get seriously creative…. wide aperture…. fast film…. don’t stop the car and drive serpentine if they start shooting.)

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You and Cemetery Street

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